The Significance of the Golden Rule

"The Golden Rule" is a term commonly used for the principle of Unselfishly Loving others. It is sometimes quoted as "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you," or "Love thy Neighbor as thy self."  A common present translation of the Bible quotes Jesus as saying: "I give you a new commandment, to love each other as I have loved you." While this is clearly the ultimate commandment Christians are supposed to live by, the same principle is also a belief of other spiritual paths, (and all basically "good", people, religious or not). While people often disagree on religion and politics, most everyone can agree on the "goodness" and "right-ness" of living by the Golden Rule, regardless of culture or religious belief. Thus it's an ideal in which all kind-hearted people can join together towards the common goal of manifesting Unselfish Love and its virtues, in tangible ways. But while the Golden Rule is possibly the most vital positive and constructive principle in the world, in both a spiritual and practical sense, it's often not given the importance it's due, or it's misunderstood, forgotten, ignored, or given up on.  We believe its time has come.

The Golden Rule Organization (GRO)

GRO is a small "family business", created to help promote the Golden Rule and its virtues (which can help individual relationships as well as make the world a better place).  We wanted to offer means for a "do-it-yourself" approach to spititual/personal growth.  Therefore, there is no one organized "religion-like" GRO "group".  Readers can form autonomous groups if they like, that have no connection to us other than sharing our love for the philosophy, and perhaps implementing techniques in the books.  The free networking service is open to anyone, and allows people with shared feelings and beliefs to link up.  The service is primarily supported by our family businesses.       

Instead of promoting a religious dogma or complex belief system, we promote and practice the simple, universal, Golden Rule of Unselfish Love (and its virtues, such as compassion & harmlessness). All people who live by the virtues symbolized by the Golden Rule, are embraced as kindred spirits, regardless of other beliefs.  To assist those who also wish to apply the Golden Rule in their daily lives, our books teach many time-honored traditional methods and new scientifically proven techniques to help accomplish that. That doesn'tít mean all those who work for GRO, or who use the techniques in the books are "perfect", "saints", or unselfishly loving all the time - but many are at least sincerely "working on it".

Our goal is to help others and make the world a better place via the Golden Rule.  It would be nice if we could function on good intentions alone, but like everyone, we are faced with the realities of life.  In order to work towards that goal and be here for others, GRO needs the financial means to operate & survive.  Everyone working for GRO needs to earn a living also.  So we had to come to grips with the question of how to finance this project.  We decided to start by donating our own money, and then develop ways to earn money to keep going.    

We realized it would be wonderful if we could earn a living from a business that was also compatible with, and supportive of, our spiritual goals.  Having GRO's activities also be profitable enough to support itself, and us, would be the most ideal situation.  We also needed something that would allow us time for both helping others, and doing our own daily spiritual work on ourselves. We think we've come up with the best solution - a mail order business that sells "GR compatible" books and products, is perfect for us (if it does well).  Thus far, while the mail-order business is slowly getting better, it isn't yet providing all that's needed.  We hope that will change soon, but meanwhile, we have personally funded the costs, and done the work involved with making/offering the GR oriented books and products, the website, advertising, etc. (the "profits" thus far haven't allowed us to advertise properly). 

In addition to our other efforts, we have also provided free telephone counseling.  Yet GRO is not a "non-profit" organization.  There are several reasons for this.  First, it takes years of "jumping through hoops" to get the so-called "non-profit" status, and doing that is both costly, and a bureaucratic nightmare.  And in our opinion, the difference between a "for profit" and "non profit" company isn't great enough to warrant that time and expense.  Most "non-profit" or "not for profit" organizations use the vast majority of their budget paying administrative costs (employees, buildings, expenses, etc.) anyway.  The intent of the GRO is not to create tax exemptions, or to make money under the guise of being "non-profit".   With hard work, we should be able to earn enough to keep promoting the GR, fund some GRO projects, make a living for ourselves, and still "pay Caesar his due".  

So rather than asking for donations, we're just hoping people will buy products/gifts from us that they need or want, just as they would from any company  (if there's anything you'd like us to carry, please let us know).  That way they get the goods they want, while helping us at the same time! That's a fair deal isn't it?   And if people don't buy enough from us, we'll do other work too. 

Visualize Whirled Peas?

A word about world peace - some very caring, good people, promote it. But world peace can be attained without citizens or rulers who are Unselfishly Loving, kind, caring, harmless, or even just basically good - in fact, you can have world peace under a horrible dictatorship. But if you have "world Unselfish Love", you have a wonderful world, AND world peace. Thus, rather than focusing on peace, we promote the Golden Rule, knowing world peace would be a naturally outcome - along with many other wonderful things for the people of the world. We want to remind everyone of the GRís true importance, meaning & practicality, and facilitate ways to awaken it within, and manifest it in the world. Itís all about how you can change your life, and the world, one-by-one, starting with yourself.

Projects, Planned Projects & "Wishlist"

Continued production of books, GR workbooks, CDís and cassettes.

A facility for visitors, seminars, temporary studies, or trying a monastic lifestyle.

A referral service to help people find a GR club/study group, or GR oriented religious facility (church/temple, whatever) (of whatever denomination they like), near them.

Maintaining websites.

Maintaining databases for GRO members wanting to network.

Organizing and facilitating the Golden Rule Fellowship or Church project



A Golden Rule Fellowship, Church or Club

One of our goals is for everyone to be able to have places of spiritual practice and fellowship for those of like-mind (if that's what they want). We arenít suggesting anyone join anything, any religion, or leave their present religion. In fact, if you are already a member of a particular house of worship, you may be able to get permission from them to start a "Golden Rule club" or study group. Again, because this is based on the simple, yet profound premise of the Golden Rule, it doesn't conflict with the beliefs of most religions. 

But many people have contacted us hoping that GRO has a study group, meeting place or "church" near them, so they can meet with others of like-mind and share experiences and inspiration. We are working towards building a database of houses of worship that support the non-dogmatic fellowship of members who just want to simply focus on living by the Golden Rule (please let us know if you've found one).  Another database is being developed for non-denominational, independent Golden Rule study groups and clubs.   For now, you can use the networking list of our newsletter homepage to find others who may be of like mind.  You can also contact us if youíd like to become a member, network, or find a fellowship/study group/club near you (or start one). We have just completed the "Golden Rule Workbook" to help people apply the GR in their daily lives, grow spiritually by using the GR, form & conduct study groups and work together with friends, family, or others of like mind. 

Cult-ure Shock

Some people have asked if we are a cult.  The popular definition of a cult, is a group that controls an individuals thoughts, beliefs, actions, and has a specific, strong, far reaching dogma that must be accepted.  We are proponents of freedom, and free will (as long as the expression of free will is harmless).   We encourage people to be creative free thinkers, independent, believe whatever they want, and go to whatever church they want (or none at all).  By that definition, we are as far from a cult as you could get.  I've never heard of a cult encouraging people to think whatever they want, do whatever they want, and belong to whatever spiritual facility/church/temple that they want - but just work on being kind and caring.  Have you?

One Person Can make a Big difference!


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